This is a difficult, indeed an obscure condition. It is the instinctive boundary line one draws against opposition of any kind, meaning the anticipated, even the hallucinated or imagined enemy in the workplace or the school. Anyone can approach one from any direction. Thus do I have to be prepared to avoid those who approach me too closely, especially in the office where everyone is studying me for signs of weakness.
George wasn’t old enough to know all this on his first day of school, but at 50 he knew, that there was only one way to meet those he didn’t want to know and whom he instinctively feared. What Hell it was to go to kindergarten, what dread he felt getting on the commuter train to go among those people in the office, how fatiguing it had become to work where one was either envied or hated by everyone wanting one’s job. Eventually one desperate week day he got on the commuter train and locked himself in the bathroom and hoped that when the train arrived in the city he wouldn’t be forced to get off. HWM

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